I have been practicing law since 1995. First, in Punjab, India for 5 years, and then in the Region of Peel, Ontario since September 2003. In India I practiced mainly in the field of Criminal Law and Canadian Immigration. Here, I have a general practice including Real Estate, Wills, and Corporate Law.

I did Civil Litigation work also until September 2008, when I took a couple of years off to focus full-time on my software application.


I open all my files and do all my work exclusively on my own web application and don't use any other software. I have a module to prepare documents for every kind of miscellaneous file that I ever have to open.

This application is hosted at legalocean.ca, and is open to all Ontario lawyers.

CEO Logo

I founded my software company, LegalOcean Software Inc. in 2005 to create the very best software for Ontario lawyers. I launched my first desktop application in 2009. In 2012, I released my Web application, and discontinued the desktop application.

Drawing on my own personal experience, and feedback from various lawyers, I've created a very efficient, fast and effective web application that makes working on every file a very satisfying experience.

My goal is to make the very best, state of the art software application for Ontario lawyers, and I move a little closer towards my goal with every single file I work on.

I thank all those who have supported me over the years.